Pushy associate at houreyes

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I visited the houreyes location in alexandria, va.I felt the associate was too pushy.

It was as if he was giving me the high priced glasses. The name of the store is also misleading. It seemed that I would have to wait ten days for my glasses. I had a simple prescription.

Then there was so many add ons. It sounded as if he was attempting to sell from a memorized script.

I guess what really bothered bothered me was when I was looking at 60.00 range glasses he would hand me 150.00 glasses.I hate pushy salesmen.

HourEyes Drs of Optometry

Springfield, Virginia 0 comments
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HourEyes over charge you, HUSTLERS, charge 2 transactions to cover up and confuse the overbilling.Never provide the advertised deal or savings.

Inflate price when you have insurance. For example never tell you they are going to charge you $108 per lens per eye for glasses. Then another $70 for the antireflective coating. Then charge you full price for the 50% off frames because you have insurance.

Tell you you are saving money, but charge your insurance $209, you 2 charges $398 and $220. Two receipts - free eye exam that was for glasses only - YOU CANNOT BUY GLASSES there for the advertised PRICE - do NOT walk in the door. IGNORE THE POSTERS!

They over charge for EVERYONE 4 contacts, when you mention it they lower the price you have to catch all this as they HUSTLE you at check out.LEAVE!

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